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To build a prosperous and eventful business, logic dictates that we breed our success upon our clients’ success. This simple yet fundamental thinking grounds us in everything we do. It is also why TRICOM has been appointed to deliver some of the region’s most prominent events; including APEC Singapore 2009, the annual Lee Kuan Yew Prize Award Ceremony & Banquet since 2009, The Singapore Summit 2012, and The Shangri-La Dialogue 2012-13.


Meticulous, focused and highly driven, we keep things fresh by constantly injecting new and creative energies into our event-tailored solutions. Established in 2006 by Dylan, Janice and David amid rising demands for such differentiated services, the team has earned solid credentials for consistently executing unique, premium business-to-business events.


Our clients are MNCs, blue chip companies, government bodies and GLCs – time-sensitive corporate sectors seeking our efficiencies and thought leadership to either grow or inaugurate an internationally targeted event for business leaders or policy makers. From content and branding to marketing and outreach mechanics, our ability to always deliver adds holistic value to mutually beneficial partnerships.


Key to a successful event is a perfect tripartite balance between client, audience and agency. This is achieved by developing strategies and solutions that meet and exceed objectives creatively with flawless execution.


Whatever the occasion and event scale, a thorough understanding of the brief is established before a solution driven by professional insights and precise management is crafted to your requirements.


Our people are our greatest assets and consequently reasons for success. Our team of diverse talents bring together complementary strengths, fortifying our wealth of experience and expertise. We are passionate and dedicated to deliver perfection with success every time.

Through the years, we have built up a solid reputation
delivering successful events in the following genres:


Ministerial Meetings

National Campaigns

Conferences & Seminars

Corporate Launches

Corporate Road Shows

Award Ceremonies

Gala Dinners

Opening Ceremonies

Anniversary Celebrations

Trade Shows